Our Services

One of the most reliable mandate and supplier companies in Russia is JSC Sintek-Oi, which collaborates with significant refineries and meets the petroleum needs of clients in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. To the chosen location, we provide our customers with a variety of gasoline delivery options. The most suitable choice for delivering extremely dangerous materials in a secure container is selected by our specialists after carefully analyzing all feasible delivery routes. All relevant technical requirements and safety precautions for short- and long-distance diesel transportation must be followed, and employees of a different section of the organization are in charge of doing so.

For the transportation of items that are extremely risky, including wholesale gasoline and other fuels, our organization offers a wide variety of services. Our experts can deliver combustible items along the planned route in complete safety and under severe time constraints thanks to quality freight transport. Due to our company’s extensive experience in the transportation industry, we are able to offer our clients a high-quality European service for the transportation of dangerous items to any location in Russia and beyond. We provide our clients with a completely personalized estimate of the cost of shipping fuel compositions over any distance, taking into account all the intricacies and unique requirements. the performance of loading and unloading activities, as well as the qualitative optimization of the costs associated with the operation and maintenance of machinery

JSC Sintek-Oil offers the following services:
  • optimization of costs, in which the cost of transporting fuel for the customer is affordable and maximally profitable, and transportation costs are minimal;
  • preparation of all necessary technical documentation for the cargo escort, including those permitting certificates of the European standard;
  • selection of the optimal transport composition taking into account all its technical characteristics and parameters
  • Effective loading / unloading of fuel in special containers with observance of necessary security measures;
  • selection and approval of the optimal route for transportation of fuel cargo across Moscow and other cities;
  • Effective loading / unloading of fuel in special containers with observance of necessary security measures.
  • This elite asset portfolio offers consistent production and a foundation for future expansion. We’ve expanded steadily and deliberately over the years to become a well-diversified firm, guided by the ideals of hard labor, customer service, dependable supply, and high-quality products. Our business is involved in a variety of activities, such as highly sophisticated crude oil processing, the marketing of crude oil and petrochemicals, the supply and marketing of specialty asphalt products, the introduction of the transporting and terminaling of raw materials and refined products, the marketing of propane, and oil and gas exploration.