We Cooperate With major Refineries in Russian Federation and CIS countries

We offer a variety of services to our customers, including fuel delivery to the specified place. Our professionals quickly identify potential delivery routes and choose the best one for placing extremely hazardous materials in a safe container.

Welcome JSC Sintek-Oil

JSC Sintek-Oil has been a prominent provider of high-quality petroleum products with a mandate to major refineries and logistics firms for more than two years. Additionally, it delivers and buys in bulk refined commodities. During this time, we have established substantial sales and services in the domestic and international oil markets, as well as strong partnerships with the major producers in the industry and the development of logistics solutions. In the Russian Federation, we presently work with the majority of refineries and oil refineries. A wide range of refined goods and petrochemicals are successfully implemented by us.

One of the business’s primary strategic ambitions is to collaborate with refineries and logistics providers. We maintain excellent relationships with reputable refineries in the Russian Federation and the CIS nations. Some of our clients include businesses that provide motorized transportation, independent gas stations, generating companies (TPPs, HPPs), municipal housing management offices, industrial enterprises and production associations, collective and farm enterprises, fishery enterprises, construction firms, and logging and timber processing businesses.


Bringing you the energy you need at all times

We are a well-established independent energy company with a robust business strategy. The returns we provide to our investors are how we gauge our success. We have the resources, insight, and ability to produce value year after year thanks to a solid balance sheet, a disciplined capital investment policy, and a growth-oriented, long-term planning methodology. By securely and ethically supplying oil and natural gas to the marketplace as desired by our customers, JSC Sintek-Oil, an independent exploration and sourcing firm, energises the world. Our employees are motivated by an innovative attitude and a dedication to our partners and communities.