About Us

Company Profile

As a result of the company’s involvement with foreign clients in the Russian Federation since 2018, we can confidently state that we have a plethora of experience working with both large refineries, transportation companies, and small wholesale clients. Our company chooses which petroleum products to buy in bulk, including within the confines of a long-term contract, as more and more big consumers show an interest in a consistent supply of high-quality fuel.

What kind of oil products do we offer:
  • Diesel fuel Euro 5 grade F, ecological class K5 (DT-E-K5), winter filterability minus 25;
  • Diesel fuel in winter, grade DT-Z-K5 class 1 filterability temperature minus 30;
  • Diesel fuel in winter, grade DT-Z-K5 class 2 filterability temperature minus 35;
  • Diesel fuel Euro 5 grade C, ecological class K5 (DT-L-K5);
  • Analogues of Diesel.;
  • Kerosene TS-1.
  • Company advantages:
  • Ease of operation We offer the most favorable terms of delivery and payment, discounts for regular customers;
  • Reliability of the company. Our employees have extensive experience in ordering and supplying diesel fuel;
  • We work with private and legal entities. We can buy diesel fuel in small and large lots, on individual terms;
  • Responsibility We take care of our customers, ensure the timely delivery of the order;
  • Delivery of fuel own tank of fuel tankers-tankers;
  • We offer only high-quality diesel fuel at low prices.
  • Quality of diesel fuel:

    A good diesel fuel should be thick, viscous, and free of impurities. Our company complies with GOST requirements and TR 013-2011, “On Requirements for Automobile and Aviation Gasoline, Diesel and Marine Fuel, Jet Fuel and Heavy Fuel Oil,” and any amendments to that standard.In Russia Federation’s major and local wholesale markets for oil products, JSC Sintek-Oil is a dependable business associate. We buy directly from significant refineries in Russia. The appropriate documents attest to the fuel’s high quality and compliance with European requirements (Certificate of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity and Quality Certificate). The section “Certificates” of the website contains the aforementioned documents. Since a few years ago, JSC Sintek-Oil has worked closely with PJSC GAZPROM, LUKOIL, and PAT TATNEFT, buying significant quantities of fuel and giving its clients the lowest prices possible. However, EURO5 diesel fuel continues to have the greatest quality. If you want to purchase a high-quality diesel, call us at our number.